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  • March 7, 2010 - Manjusha

    Formation of the Feminine Gender

    There are three ways of forming the feminine gender: 1.    By using an entirely different word Examples are given below: Boy (masculine), girl (feminine) Man, woman Brother, sister Bull, cow Horse, mare Husband, wife Cock, hen Earl, countess Gander, goose Gentleman, lady 2.    By adding a syllable (-ess, -ine, -trix, -a etc.) Author (masculine) authoress […]

  • - Manjusha

    Noun: Gender

    Living beings are of either the male or the female sex. A noun that denotes a male animal is of the masculine gender. Examples are: man, men, boy, boys, hero, bull, ox etc. A noun that denotes a female animal is of the feminine gender. Examples are: woman, women, girl, girls, heroine, cow, lioness, tigress […]