June 17, 2010 - Manjusha

Verb pattern : Subject + intransitive verb

Read the following sentences:

  • The sun has already risen.
  • She is coming tomorrow.
  • The little girl was frightened of the old beggar.
  • A gentle breeze blew across the meadow.

You will have noticed that the subject word is often qualified by an adjective or the equivalent of an adjective, which is called its enlargement or attribute. In sentence 1, the subject sun is qualified by the article the. In sentence 2, the subject she has no attribute. In sentence 3, the subject girl is qualified by the adjective little.

The most important word in the predicate is the verb. Like the subject, the verb is also often modified by an adverb or an adverb equivalent.

In sentence 1, the verb has risen is modified by the adverb already. Similarly, in sentence 2, the verb is coming is modified by the adverb tomorrow.

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